The relevance and importance of stakeholders and their issues is known as:

15) 15) The relevance and importance of stakeholders and their issues is known as: A) Competitive intelligence. B) Organizati

22) 22) Which of the following statements is true about corporate social responsibility? A) Businesses should monitor and pre


26) C) A Company providing assistance to employees who attend evening college. In enlightened self-interest, the belief is that a person who acts to further the interests of others would ultimately serve their own interest. So when the company recognizes the need of one of their important stakeholder’s, the employees to attend the evening college, they are supporting their interests which eventually would serve the company in having better educated and up to date employees. 25) C) Policy instruments of the Corporate Social Stewardship phase. Philanthropic funding and public relations were examples in connection to the major principles of this Corporate Social Stewardship Phase of 1950’s to 1960’s where corporate managers were considered as public trustees. 24) A) Global Corporate Citizenship GCC involves the corporation acting as a stakeholder in the global society along with the government or other agencies and the civilians of the society rather than being constrained to locally or regionally. Thus this is when a company puts its commitment to social and environmental responsibility into practice worldwide and not just regionally or locally. 23) D) Create jobs, influencing the lives of employees.

This makes them more responsible because they have the power to make the lives of these employees better or worst. So whatever they do would be affecting this layman who depends on them demanding them to be more socially responsible.

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