The return to “normalcy” in the 1920s referred mainly to a…?

1) renewed interest in joining the League of Nations

2) return to the trustbusting of Presidents Taft and Roosevelt

3)resumption of traditional foreign policy principles


4)restoration of the power of the small farmer

3 Answers

  • 3

    1 – The USA did NOT join the League

    2 – No one, in the 1920s, we interested in these trust-busting policies. In fact, it was a very pro-business era.

    4 – The small farmers really suffered during the 1920s.

    However, the USA was very much interested in returning to both neutrality and isolationism after WW I. We didn’t want to be involved in Europe’s problems ever again.

  • Its not number 4! or number 1, or even number 2, and its not number 3!

  • is ‘normalcy’ even a word – I thought it was ‘normality’??

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