The structure indicated by the arrow is composed primarily of what tissue?

Part A The structure indicated by the arrow is composed primarily of what tissue? fibrocartilage hyaline cartilage mesenchyme
Part A A- B D What event at letter B leads to elongation of the bone? formation of compact bone conversion of bone into carti
Part A During bone growth, which significant event occurs at the surface indicated by the letter D? bone resorption productio
Part A B E Which of the following correctly pairs the structure at C with its primary component? endosteum; dense regular con
Part A A B E What material makes up most of the structure at A? dense irregular connective tissue fibrocartilage elastic cart


Answer 1. The correct answer is hyaline cartilage. The structure shown by the arrow is epiphyseal plate which is made up of hyaline cartilage lying between epiphysis and metaphysis. Other options are incorrect Fibrocartilage are present in intervertebral disks and at ligaments and tendons insertion. They are very tough cartilage. Mesenchyme is present in the extracellular matrix as loose cell embedded within the matrix. Dense connective tissue are the fibrous tissue that are strong and form tendons and ligaments. Answer 2. The correct answer is calcification of cartilage matrix. The bone growth occur at the epiphyseal plate as the cartilage matrix becomes calcified and prevent nutrients diffusion in it which cause the dying of chondrocytes. The osteoblasts invade the matrix and starts the spongy bones formation. Other options are incorrect The elongation of bone length results in formation of spongy bones. The cartilage present in the epiphyseal plate is converted into spongy bones during bone elongation. The chondrocytes are aged and die as the bone elongation occurs in the epiphyseal plate to allow the bone formation by osteoblasts. Answer 3. The correct answer is bone resorption. The bone resorption occurs at D. As the bone increase in length it also grows in diameter by appositional growth. During this the osteoclasts cause the bone resorption by removing the old cells and replaced by new cells formed by osteoblast. Others options are incorrect The production of hyaline cartilage occurs at the epiphyseal plate after the bone grow in length. Interstitial growth occurs when the chondrocytes hypertrophy occur which cause growth and maturation of cells at the diaphysis. The compact bone formation occurs at the external surface of bone by osteoblasts and periosteum. Answer 4. Teh cotrect answer is periosteum; dense irregular connective tissue. The periosteum is composed of dense irregular connective tissue which are pesent on the external bone surface and involved in the formation of compact bone by the action of osteoblasts cells. Others options are incorrect Endosteum lines the medullary cavity of long bone surface. It is composed of the reticular connective tissue. The periosteum linesbthe outer surface of the long bones and is conposed of dense irregular connective tissue.

The endosteum is a vascular tissue present at the innersurface of bone. It is composed of aereolar connective tissue.

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