There’s nobody to go to war with anymore so we fight ourselves. Are we going to destroy ourselves (USA)?

Racism brings money so that’s why there’s so much racial tension. People are making money off of creating false narratives because racism sells or brings in attention which yields money. 

That’s America today. How do we get out?

We are going to destroy ourselves. 

3 Answers

  • Nobody to go to war with any more? You aren’t paying attention to the Russians Chinese north Koreans or Iranians and their actions in the news are you. 

  • You have a remarkably naive , “head in the sand” ,view of the world .

    If you don’t think authoritarianism and expansionism –such as we see in China , Russia and militant Muslim regimes — are not a threat to western democratic nations , you are an idiot of the first order .

  • The Boomers should have went progressive in the 70s when they had the chance.

    Reaganism destroyed that. We’re screwed, yes.

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