Thoughts on Amelia Clair and Wesley Elliot?

what do you think of these sets? I’m open to suggestions and other names with the same feel I might like. Also interested in Eleanor, Jane, Violet, Madison, Henry, William, and Parker. Thanks so much!

6 Answers

  • Dont really like Wesley but they are okay not horrid names

  • Good names

  • Very nice

    I love William Parker too

  • Very nice,

  • I love the name Amelia and think Claire (spelled like this) is so pretty with it! Wesley is a new favorite of mine, and I’ve always loved Elliot. I think they go very nicely together. =)

  • I like Amelia Clair and Wesley Elliot. If you want to go a bit more modern, then go with Madison Claire and Parker Elliot. Saying together Amelia and Wesley or Madison and Parker. Both nice.

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