TI-89 titanium calculator?

How do you do logarithm with a base of 10 on this calculator?

5 Answers

  • Simply click: [DIAMOND]+7 and type in the logarithm without using the comma. For example, type:

    log(7) instead of log(7,b), where b = base, to have a logarithm of base 10. You could also type: log(7,10) to have a logarithm of base 10.

    The calculator operates based on: log(a,b), where a is an integer and b is the base. If you don’t type a base, the calculator automatically defaults to a base 10.

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    try : (y/2)¬(1/2)

  • To find the log(x) use ln(x)/ln(10). Remember that logarithm(base a)of b=ln(b)/ln(a).

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