Tips on working for a Phone shop?

any tips that i need to know before working in a phone shop i.e, selling phones, dealing with customers etc

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  • Be nice, respectful, listen to the customer, smile, be friendly, don’t be rude, and if you are in a bad mood, suck it up and act like nothing is wrong. If you are in a bad mood, suck it up, and pretend to be in a good mood. Treat the customer like they are royalty. They are giving you their money. Study, get to know, and become familiar with the different phones for the company you are going to work for. Also, get to know and get familiar with the different pros and cons, services and features of the phones. Also, don’t chew gum while working with a customer ( it’s a bit rude). Greet the customer as they walk in and ask if there is anything they are looking for, and don’t be to pushy or desperate to sell a phone. Dress appropriately, I mean with slacks, dress shirt, and a tie. Don’t be cocky, relax, carry on a conversation with your customers while you are checking their accounts on the computer or when necessary. Don’t slander or talk bad about another cell phone company, even if the customer is doing so. I’m sure that the cell phone company you are going to work for, will tell you more about how to deal with customers and such.

  • Working In A Phone Shop

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  • The customer is always right, unless told otherwise in a sympathetic tone. Know your favorite smart phone, but pimp the conservative phone and point out the weakness against your fav, after listening to what they want. Smiling and eye contact when speaking to and spoken to, look at the phone you want to sell in moments of silence. Don’t push the upsell untill the customer has found the phone they want. When you close the deal and you’re entering the info, sell the insurance. Let the customer know that it is optional, but good piece of mind in case of a non warranty problem, because things happen. Always push the unlimited data and text. Stay away from the unlimited voice plan.

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