TJ Hunt reacts to James May reacting to TJ Hunt’s Ferrari 458 “GT

A few weeks ago, DriveTribe’s own James May sat down and had a bit of fun doing reviews of Automotive YouTubers’ vehicles. These vehicles included Jason Fenske and his Tesla Model 3, Doug DeMuro and his Ford GT, Adam LZ and his Nissan 370Z, Seen Through Glass’s Ferrari 360, and many others. Among those automotive giants is TJ Hunt and his Ferrari 458 GT3. Take a look at James May reviewing it.

May does a great job with this bit in general, and compliments Hunt’s 458 for being an incredible car, with plenty of effort gone into making it look like a proper GT3, but he does say that it’s a bit flashy.

Well, like everything on the Internet, there must be the stages of reacting. So someone gave May the picture of Hunt’s 458 GT3, and reacted to it, and now we have Hunt’s reaction to May’s reaction to Hunt’s car. Which can be found below.

Hunt has a bit of a laugh with his buddy Calvin about May’s reaction to his car, which makes for a great video as well. It’s a real feel good moment to be recognized on the Internet, especially within your own community, for your work. I’m sure we would all be chomping at the bit to have our cars reviewed by any automotive personality, which is why we, as creators, strive to put out our best work.

Hopefully this little back and forth bit gives you all the energy you need to put some more effort towards a project you are working on, and maybe with a little effort, we can make more people smile across the world.

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