To be effective. an organization’s culture must the external environment.

1. Corporate culture (Connect) Culture is the thing that makes organizations feel different from each other. Different compan 3. Types of culture (Connect, Perform) In the following diagram, identify the different types of corporate cultures Needs of


answer- 1-A visible    B- Invisible 2- Match external environment 3- 1st 2nd and 3rd should be checked The actions managers take can change a company’s culture.
Culture can create a competitive advantage for a company.
Employees may be unaware of the underlying assumptions that guide an organization’s culture 4- A -adaptability culture     B-Involvement culture     C-Achievement culture      D-Consistency culture 5- Adaptability culture 6- adaptability consistency achievement involvement *as per chegg policy, we can answer only 4 parts of a question per post but i tried to answer all question for your help.Please please give this an UPVOTE if it helped you. it helps me too. i appreciate it. THANKYOU..

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