To brake safely while traveling downhill

6: To brake safely while traveling downhill, a) avoid using your brakes altogether. b) pump your brakes furiously at the crest of the hill. c) apply steady pressure to the brake pedal al the way down the grade. d)oalternately brake and release to preserve your braking power. 7: Drivers are required to signal a change of direction for at least... a) 500 feet. b) 300 feet. c)O200 feet. d) 100 feet. 8 Drivers are to yield the right-of-way... a)Owhen merging, to traffic already on the intended route of travel. b) to vehicular traffic already in an intersection. c) to pedestrians. d) All of the above are correct. 9 You are to dim your headlights at a minimum distance of when approaching an oncoming vehicle a) 100 feet b)O300 feet c) 500 feet d) 1,000 feet 10 A good way to avoid DUI is to... a) wait for a few minutes after your last drink before driving. b) sober up quickly by drinking lots of strong, black coffee. c)O assign a designated driver. d) Both A and C are correct.


Answer to question 6 is , “d,” alternatively press and release the brake to preserve the breaking pressure. Answer to question7 is, “d” Adriver is required to signal for change of direction at least 100 feet. Answer to question, ” 8 is, “d” to all of the above. Answer to question 9 is, “c ” 500 feet ahead of the oncoming vehicle.

Answer to question 10 is , “c ” assigned a designated driver.

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