To indicate that one’s purpose for writing is to inform, an author would include clues such as

To indicate that one's purpose for writing is to inform, an author would include clues such as


managerial focus

Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

C : Facts


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The answer would be, C)facts. I hope this helps

the anwser is (facts) if the author wants to inform someone they need facts not opinions

the author would include facts

The correct answer is: Facts

When an author wants to inform it is very important that his oppinion is not given as he is not trying to make the reader's mind change in any way. The objective of this type of writing is to increase knowledge of a certain topic. How and why questions are answered and the best thing to do this is to include facts as they give straigthforward infromation that leaves no chance for ambiguity. As we know, facts are objective as they describe what happens, the information comes from it and the information providen can be compared to reality. For example, if the author states that water boils at 100° Celsius anyone with a thermometer and water can prove it.

Author's background is what i dug up for an answer. Try EOC ENGLISH 1 WRITING FLAHSCARDS online.
It is best to understand the tone of the author. An author would leave out clue words to his big question such as: analyze, compare and contrast, evaluate, examine, characterize, describe, explain, identify, introduce, narrate, summarize and more. These words will tell you his tone and thus, his purpose of the passage. 

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