To keep order among the chinese people, hongwu created

To keep order among the chinese people, hongwu created


That question been answered, but he created laws, a judical system and a strong policy force

Comprehensive codes of laws were created by Hongwu in respect to keep order among Chinese People.  

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The founding member of Ming dynasty was ‘Zhu Yuanzhang’ who was famously known as ‘The Hongwu Emperor’. He reigned for the period of 30 years from 1368 to 1398. His reign was known for his political reforms which were known to be unprecedented. He reduced the role of courts which were present during that time and had a crackdown on corruption with using his hard measures. He also established Secret Police organizations to keep a check on the wrongdoings by anyone in public life and between the periods of 1380-1390, Series of checking were made by him which found officials and generals corrupt and in this thousands of executed on his orders. He focused on encouraging agriculture, on cultivation of new lands, reduced taxes which were imposed on the people and made laws which protected property of peasants. He banned the free moment within the Empire. By using these measures, He wanted to rebuild China as from long time the country was again and again revenged by war. He wanted to limit the social control of Groups and wanted people to trust and acquire his values which were seen as orthodox.  

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Grade: High School

Subject: History

Chapter: Hongwu code of laws  


Hongwu, China, Laws, Ethics, Rebuild, War, Orthodox, Secret Police, Emperor, Crackdown.  

Dutch recognized the superiority of the Chinese emperor. ... Zhang He spread Chinese ideas and brought wealth to China from his travels. To keep order among the Chinese people, Hong created. a comprehensive code of laws.


The answer is To keep order among the chinese people, hongwu created a comprehensive code of laws.

Hongwu created a comprehensive cod of laws, a fair judicial system, and a strong policy force.

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Hongwu created a form of Martial Rule. He expected everyone to obey his rules and if they failed to do so they were subjected to execution or tortures. He was a tyrant Emperor who trusted no one but his family, if he finds anything suspicious about his advisers he would immediately have them killed or torture. This was a time in China where coups and other acts of sedition were not even attempted by the people of China because of their fear of exaggerated punishment.
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The answer is a a comprehensive cod of laws
They created a new law

A) A comprehensive code of laws


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