To support the thesis of a document-based essay, a writer must include both

To support the thesis of a document-based essay, a writer must include both a. facts and details. b. charts and graphs. c. examples and photos. d. maps and quotations.


A.Facts and details

the answer is A. Facts and details.

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A document-based essay shows how the theme under discussion relates to the time period of your attention. The purpose of writing it is for you to study the documents your professor gave you to learn and communicate an important idea about history. The writing is evidence founded so it tends to prove a point and for that you need facts and details (option A).

ignore the girl she is wrong XD but the answer is B. on edge

The answer would be true

The right answer is: Facts and details. We must read the sources critically instead of just checking them out for information. In each document, you will have to identify the author, the target audience, their point of view, the people and everything that has influenced them, and their credibility. Underline the key phrases, take notes in the margins  and check them when you write the essay.

True, will be the right answer.


To support a thesis for a document-based article, a researcher should examine records to find " True" facts and details, is the right answer.

The objective of composing a document-based essay is to examine the record(s) given by our educator to identify and deliver a vital detail about past. This document-based essay is just the same as other scholarly work in archives in that it

explains how the subject under investigation associates to the time period of our focus. Therefore, in order to produce a work, one should examine the existing records to find " True" facts and details.

Evidence and main idea must be included

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