Trans am unveils the all-new 1100hp Firebird drag car

The Firebird might not be a name you’ve heard in a while, because the well-known muscle car has been sitting in the rubbish bin until Trans Am Worldwide bought the rights to the name and logo, as well as making a deal with GM to use their Camaro’s as the base.

Trans Am Worldwide officially unveiled this drag car at last year’s New York auto show, around the same time as the Dodge Demon. Power for the Trans Am 455 Super Duty comes from a 455-cubic-inch (7.4-liter) version of GM’s current Generation V LT1 V-8 engine topped off with a Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger that provides 14 psi of boost — that’s 0.5 psi less than the new Challenger SRT Demon. Trans Am Worldwide says the engine is built in conjunction with an unnamed premier NASCAR engine builder from Martinsville, Va.

The standard Trans Am starts at a stroke-inducing price tag of $107,000 including the base car, a brand new Camaro SS 1LE, and can go uphill from there. Trans Am estimates that the final version will cost around $190,000. Once completed, TA will offer a drag package for future owners. Who wouldn’t want that option, though? But here’s the downside – this 1,100hp drag car is only a 1 time thing. You won’t be able to purchase it from TA Worldwide, and will have to settle for the 1,000hp version. Sadface.

The “screaming chicken” hood decal comes with it, which is currently offered on the basic models. Each Camaro is dismantled right down to its chassis, and has over 380 parts that are either modified or have been completely replaced for the transformation, which includes several sections of carbon fibre bodywork, cutting down on weight and allowing the TA to really fly, even though some of the horses have been tamed. But it’ll be fun nonetheless!

Now you’re probably wondering if there’s any downside to this. And yes, there are a few. In my opinion, anyways. As much as it bugs me to find some faults, its only practical. Every car has some downsides, so I’ll try and make this short so your tea won’t go cold.

Some of you will think this is an awesome looking car, while others will be turned off because why is TA making custom cars that’s built off of a Camaro body? WHY?! Why can’t they bring back the entire Pontiac brand, or bring back some of the classics? Why the steep price tag? Why not buy a brand-spanking new ZL 1LE that posted the 14th fastest time for production cars at the Nurburgring?

All the nitpicking aside, what are your thoughts on this brand new Trans Am? Is it worth the hype? Would you buy one if you had the chance? Share your comments below!

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