Transcription of a gene can be increased or decreased according to the:

8. Chromatin structure can increase or decrease transcription of a gene according to the: combination of histone proteins fou


Ans 8) The correct answer is “C” i.e combination of amino acid modifications in the histone tails (Acetylation histine modification is concerned with activation of transcription wheras Deacetylation and Methylation is concerned with repression of transcription). Ans 9) The correct answer is “B” i.e transcription is active but slow (It should be noted that CpGs within CpG island are not methylated or they have very low levels of methylation. If those get methylated, it will result in long term silencing. CpG islands are formed due to deamination of 5-methylcytosine to thymine. Option D is incorrect because only Methyl CpG island domain (MBD) can inhibit transcription of promoter bound methylated genes by recruiting protein complexes). Ans 10) The correct answer is “A” i.e transcription factors

(A typical eukaryotic gene has many enhancer elements which can even act from a distance of thousand nuclotide pairs. It is bound by transcription factors and can bring them to interact with the RNA polymerase for the transcription to be turned on).

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