Trapped in this never ending sadness. help me please.?

Since i could remember ive always felt like i never done a good enough job. im the one always trying to please everyone but know one helos me out. To everyone that sees me in public they don’t think that i have something going on in my head but i do. Idont have any friends literally. Im so insecure and timid. Btw im 18/male. I dont socialize because idk how too, never really had anyone to depend on except for my mom but even she doesnt understand. I kinda just want to end it all. Idk how to express my self i jusy wanna hold it all in and drown. I don’ttn even know what is wrong with me. Ohh and my father left us when i was 3

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  • That’s so sad Sir,

    Please see your doctor for a chat and increase

    slightly social contact, if you can afford it get

    a dog, and after a while when up to it,

    do a personal development or assertiveness

    group ok?

    Best Wishes & Happiness Ahead.


    source:) studies.

  • Please don’t talk of the end.You seem like a nice fella. Just take it easy and do what an 18 year old does. Stay out of trouble and respect the rules of law. Its going to workout soon enough. This new world is oh so in a rush to get through it. Experience everything and everybody. I call it brave to steer clear of the drama.Just take it easy. Have a nice afternoon.

  • please dont, my friend did and it was horrendous for everyone involved. theres still things you enjoy in the world, live for them. it your having trouble socializing maybe get a hobby involving others and just be nice – but never forward – the worst impression you can make is a creepy one. what i mean by that is say ‘well done’ etc when your acquaintances but dont say anything like suggestive till your really close friends bc otherwise it makes people uncomfortable. good luck, i hope this helped. if you really are struggling make a list of everything you enjoy doing in life and try to plan your future around it (like my chemistry teacher likes holidays and rock climbing so became a teacher)

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