Tricks to look down a girls shirt without them knowing?

Almost all the girls at my school have HUGE boobs and almost all of them wear v-necks or tank tops all the time. Me being a guy I natrally want to look, but some of them are my friends and I dont want them to know I looking at their boobs. Got any tricks guys?

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  • get a girlffriend?

    or a little help lol

  • Just kind of learn to use Peripheral vision when standing next to them. I got to the point i have about a 200 degree viewing radius from practice and moving my head slowly without being noticed. another trick is to walk by and bump a pen off their desk and hope they dont notice why you did that. I was lucky even though I am only 5’8 most of the girls in my school were like 5’3 so I had a convenient angle to “look at them in the face” and just look a bit further down very slowly.

  • You should not care what other people think, all that matters is how you feel about you, if you know that you are not a slut, drug user, or an alcoholic, then everyone that matters knows the truth. I am not sure why people look at you like that, maybe they are scared of you, or even jealous.

  • I would say that I had poor vision and was trying to read what it said on their shirt or I would get a glance while my head swept by to “look at the clock”.

  • lol you gave me a good laugh on this one, i guess if there was some advice i could give it would be keep your head level don’t tilt it, i cant believe im helping you do this but you made me laugh so its what i can do.

  • lol this is hilarious…what u wanna do is acidently bump into her and make her books or whatever she has fall and when she bends down…don’t stop to help her(LMFAO) and just look down her shirt simple

  • Being a pervert is a HUGE turnoff. Guys have looked down my shirt, than they got slapped silly. Then there’s gossip, and then you have no friends, or a crowd of freak friends.

  • Get ready for a few face slaps or corrective dental work.

  • No girl likes a pervert.

  • I have an amazing solution to your question.

    You just have to say four words..


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