True stateside Dajiban

The Dodge Ram vans made from 1971 all the way until 2003 are cool in their own right, but imagine them getting a little Japanese car culture flare on top. In Japan, Dodge Ram vans, usually big V8 models, with a little Japanese tuner culture sprinkled in are referred to as “dajiban”. Japanese + English mash up of “Dodge-e-van” to “Dah-jee-bahn”.

For the most recent episode of Hoonigan AutoFocus, Larry Chen links up with a California enthusiast who happens to have one of these unique vehicles. It is a 1996 Dodge Ram van with the 5.9 liter V8 which means according to some quick Googling that it put out a mere 155 horsepower, but where it lacks in horsepower it makes up in character.

For all the details on this NRG-seated, Ferrari brake calipered machine, check out the Hoonigan AutoFocus episode above!

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