Trump supporters: Will you still support Trump when he finally leaves office this November?

Will you still be part of the whole “MAGA” thing even after Trump leaves office?

I feel like MAGA is a fad and that’s only associated with Trump. But once he’s gone, people won’t have any real reason to go full MAGA anymore.

In a few years, the fad will quickly die down.

Then the MAGA people will go back to being whiny conservatives who hate everything Democrat. They just won’t call themselves “MAGA.”

11 Answers

  • Not all of them will.

  • I Will still support Trump when he finally leaves office this November 2025

    for sure

  • Nasty, hell no he’s worse than a clown

  • Ain’t nobody stoppin’ the Trump Train!!!

  • MAGA= Trump.  It’s just his catchphrase.

  • There are some things wrong with this like President Trump due to overconfidence like yours and lower then necessary voting could be re-elected. 

    Trump if he loses will still be President until January.

    I just hope that whomever is next will evaluated what Trump has done and see what was done right and not just try to undo everything without thought because they are jealous of how much more people liked the guy before them.  

  • Typical Democrat. Not having enough self awareness to realize that he is calling conservatives whiny when he is the one that’s actually whining. 

  • Why did you put this in ‘dining out’.

  • If he leaves office it’s not supposed to be in November. Is he going to quit?

  • Why would Trump leave office in November?

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