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Hi me and my fiance both work full time iv been there for 5 years and she s been working about 2 years. We have a baby on the way and we have will have no babysitting for 4 days when the baby comes because we both work the night shift. Also I have Tuesday and Wednesday s off and she has Monday and Tuesday s off. The main issue is that we both just got promoted to supervisors and are at the bottom of the seniority totem pole so we are stuck with the grave yard shift and the current days off. Were making good money right now but, with rent, car payment, food/utilities, and my student loans we can t afford a baby sitter and we feel the baby is too young to have a babysitter watch him for 4 days every week so it seems like if worse comes to worse one of us will have to quit to watch the baby which will most likely be her because this is her 1st child and is my 3rd. Incase anyone asks the reason she would be quiting instead of myself is because we live in my apartment so the bills are in my name and I also have my 2 other kids so I feel it s my responsibility to continue working. So after all this ranting my main question is will she be eligible to get unemployment due to the situation were gonna face after she comes off of medical leave. Also this will be a temporary thing until she gets a job with better hours we don t want to quit our jobs but we really have no choice so any advice will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU FOR TAKING INTEREST IN OUR SITUATION

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  • I went back to work 2 weeks after my kid was born. I left him with a sitter. Why, do you ask? Because I couldn’t afford NOT to work. Neither can your family. My kid came out just fine.

    Having a baby is a personal decision and unemployment has no part in it.

  • This why they call it family PLANNING.

    NO, you do not get unemployment for quitting because you have a baby.

    And no, there is nothing wrong with hiring a sitter to stay with your infant.

    Find someone through the local senior center – you could probably hire an older woman with oodles of experience to sit with your baby, so you could both work. I know people with high incomes who do it, and their kids turned out just fine. When the baby is that young, they sleep most of the time anyway. If you have an older woman come to your home, your child won’t be exposed to germs that would be around a daycare.

    Unemployment is for people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. Layoffs, mainly. That doesn’t apply to either one of you. You also have other kids, and were aware of how much they cost. Sorry, but this was your responsibility to cover, and your company’s cutbacks shouldn’t be a surprise either. Timing is lousy, but part of being an adult is making sure you have a firm foundation before taking risks.

    Go hire an older woman to sit with your baby. Tell your wife to keep working, while she looks for another position that helps balance things out. You might look too,just in case you find something first. I see your other solution to your financial issues was to consider filing for bankruptcy. Once one of you gets a better job, I strongly suggest that you both find an adult education course in personal finance.

  • Look into getting maternity leave for your wife. Then look into what it would take to get along on one income. My wife and I had the same problem with our first kid but just before her maternity leave ran out we had a “heart to heart” and discovered that both our priorities were to overwhelmingly to have her home with the baby. You might need to move and you will not be buying new cars for a long time but it can be done and no minimum wage day care worker is going to treat your new born baby like his or her mother.

  • Probably not. Someone who quits to stay home and take care of a child does not qualify for unemployment.

  • Yes,the main problem is that you do no have extra moneu to hire a babysitter.You both cannot afford to quit your current job to take up that responsibility.it’s a dilemma,I know.In today’s society,everything is dependent on how much you can produce and earn.So,people should do some planning before they do anything,which means doing things according to your current capability.

    Well,if you wanna other people’s help, you have to pay them for their time and effort.There’s no other means.If your wife get pregnant, I think you’d better talk to your manager first and try your best to ask for a maternity leave.

    As far as I know, this is a legal right you should have.If not, you should try to persuade your relatives and friends who is unemployed into helping you then.You can pay less than the market price. These are the ways that I can think of at present.

  • You’re in a tough situation- which you might have thought about BEFORE she got pregnant. No, she won’t qualify for unemployment if she quits. You might qualify for food stamps or help with rent, depending on your income. You also both should qualify for parental leave, if you work full-time with a large company- but that’s unpaid leave.

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