Using Petroleum Jelly on hair?

Wouldn’t that make your hair fall out? I used to use it…..It seemed to make it a bit softer, and shiny. Is that a good thing to do?

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  • No No No, Don’t, Now it will give your hair a smooth Glossy wet look shine and if thats what you like ok, but Not with vaseline, trust me, I have done it, It is murder to wash out, In fact the only way to get it out is with GOOP Hand Cleaner de-greaser.

    Or by using a towel to rub out as much as possible and then use a lot of cream rinse to thin it out. a lot of trouble.

    use these products perhaps

  • Petroleum Jelly On Hair

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    Using Petroleum Jelly on hair?

    Wouldn’t that make your hair fall out? I used to use it…..It seemed to make it a bit softer, and shiny. Is that a good thing to do?

  • It depends on the kind of hair you have. Naturally straight hair can t take products as heavy as vaseline. But thick, curly, ethnic hair will soak it right up. It just like any hair grease, like Blue Magic, Ultra Sheen, Royal Crown, Softee, etc. The first ingredient in any grease is petroleum, aka vaseline. As long as you aren t using so much that your hair leaves oil stains on everything it touches, a normal shampoo should work just fine to remove it. I just wouldn t use it on dry hair. Only damp hair or hair that has had a leave in conditioner or moisturizer applied first, so the vaseline or grease can seal in the moisture. If it s been working for you, don t listen to people who don t have your hair type telling you to stop using it.

  • I used to put petroleum jelly on my hair instead of Gel, It makes your softer, I just need to used a lot of shampoo after using it

  • I have dry, curly hair and it saves me so much money and works. With this kind of hair I don t have to worry about de-greasing it afterward as my hair seems to absorb every bit of oil it can get! Still, I found that using a conditioning mask will remove it better than trying to strip it out with harsh shampooing. Similar to cold cream dissolving oil and dirt on the face, maybe? Whatever, it does work to make my curls soft, shiny and springy … just don t use it close to the scalp

  • Yeh its quite good itmakes your hair look glossy and shiney however it is a bit of a pain to wash out and the Petroleum Jelly attracts other odurs so your hair could smell after a while . Its best to buy hair leave in conditioner as it keeps you hair in good condition and is easy to wash out

    Best of Luck

  • The only tips to do with hair that you should use the jelly for are these:

    Protect skin from hair color. Apply around your hair line to ensure no hair color absorbs into your skin. Just wipe off later and you’ll be ready to go!

    Hide split ends. Dab a bit onto the ends of your hair to hide your dry, split ends.

  • i wouldn’t us the petroleum jelly it sounds like it would make your hair greasy and be hard to washout if your looking for something around the house to condition your hair use mayonnaise its very moisturizing and makes your hair soft and shiny all you have to do is put the mayo in your hair cover it with a shower cap or if you don’t have one try using a plastic bag leave it in your hair for an hour or two (my sister used to sleep with it in her hair so you can leave it on longer if you’d like) then shampoo and condition as usual hope this helps you 🙂

  • honey no, that crap is useless. Stop using that and instead use a glossing cream if your looking for shine.

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