Using Someone else’s Sams Club Membership..?

Does anyone know how using someone else's Sam's Club membership works? My friend gave me his card and said to go and use it any time. If I were to go and use it are they going to ask me for my ID (do they usually ask for ID when you give them the membership card when you purchase things)? Thanks for the answers.

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  • If you are going to write a check you may have a problem. The name on the check will not match the card.

    If you are going to pay with a credit card that may pose a problem as well. Again the name on the card you use will not match the card.

    Cash it should not be a problem. There is a photo on the card so when they check they will know you are not the person to whom the card was issued. It should be alright but you may have to call your friend to verify that they have given you permission to use the card if they question it at the register.

  • Technically, you're not supposed to use someone else's membership card unless you're also on the account. They get money for each account and, unless it's a family member or whatever on the main account, they're losing money by you using someone else's card. When you go there, you have to show the card to get in the door (just flash it to the door person). Once at the register, the clerk asks for the card and swipes it. Now all of your purchase information will be recorded, so they can keep running tabs on what people buy, how often they shop, how much they spend, etc.

    At this point, they may also look at the photo on the back of the card to see if you look like the cardholder. The photo is usually pretty grainy and just stamped onto the card. But, if you're a white guy, for example, and the cardholder's name is Juanita Martinez, that might raise some suspicion and you could be asked for ID. At that point, they can either refuse the purchase or have you sign up for your own membership on the spot.

  • Costco is better, if you have the option. The membership is more expensive, but.. And yes, you will save money, tons, at either place. For example, we use paper plates and plastic cups most of the time. Walmart, Target and the gorcery store cost about 10x what they do at Costco and Sams. Same thing with meat, especially pork and cнιcκen. The Costco I go to has cнιcκenʙʀᴇᴀsт packages. They are in actual packages, not trays that need to be seperate. Each package has 2 peices, that we cut up so that their are 4 peices. And there are like 10 of this lil packages together for abou20$.... same amount of cнιcκen would be about 80-90 at the store. I dont have the label on the last one I bought so I cant tell you exactly how much it was per pound, but... Now, not all things are going to be cheaper. Some things will be the same, and a handful of things will be more. But remember, you will be spending more at one time because it is in bulk. For example, a package of plastic cups at my walmart is like 3$. The package is 12 at Costco, and 13 I think at Sams. Well, the walmart package has 36 cups, while the bulk package has 240. The chinette paper plates (thick cardboard ones, not syrofoam) are super expensive at walmart, like 5$ for a package of 20. Costco and Sams both have them for about 12 in a package of 150is (130-160 give or take)

  • As long as you are paying cash they don't ask for other ID. But if you write a check, use a debit card or credit card they will ask for ID. If you are not on the account then they will not let you use the card.

    Source(s): Experience
  • when you go in, just show them your friend's membership card. they barely glance at it to see if the person in the photo is you. and i know this because i've used my dad's card a couple times lol.

  • I use my father in law sam's card all the time and I always pay with debit and they never asked me for an id.

  • it should be okay, they don't need ID, just the card.

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