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My friend who lives in the U.S sent me a package to arrive in Australia Melbourne. She sent the item March 26th through USPS. Been tracking it since today and have noticed the last scan on April 9th on USPS says “Your item departed a transfer airport in KINGSFORD SMITH, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA” with the date and time included.

What does this usually mean? Because on AUS POST, the latest scan I have is on March 28th saying “Miami, awaiting international departure” 

Is my item in Sydney awaiting to arrive in Melbourne, or is it still in Miami..?


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  • Need to see your complete report. It appears a few key words are missing.

    USPS does not and never did have anything to do with your item after it gets to the International Mail Office in Sydney.

    Australia Customs does its thing on THEIR schedule. When they are done it then goes into the Aus Post mail facility in the same building.

    It appears from your TWO sources the item was sorted in the USA for next available flight.

    The item departed the USA for Aus Customs. AUS POST has not yet received it from Aus Customs.

    For a more accurate answer display ALL of the tracking info not just a few bits of it.

    At this point Aus Post will have the most accurate answers.

  • If USPS says it was scanned in Sydney, then it is in Sydney.

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