Vector A⃗ has components Ax= 1.30 cm , Ay= 2.25 cm ; vector B⃗ has components Bx= 4.25 cm , By= -3.20 cm .?

A. Find the x-component of the vector sum A⃗ +B⃗ .

B. Find the y-component of the vector sum A⃗ +B⃗ .

C.Find the direction of A⃗ +B⃗ . (Let the direction be the angle that the vector makes with the +x-axis, measured counterclockwise from that axis.)

1 Answer

  • A. Ax + Bx

    B. Ay + By

    C. Use what you’ve been taught about how to find the direction of a vector given its two components (answers to part A and B).

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