Vietnamese Question: what does “anh dep trai” mean?

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    Vietnamese Question: what does "anh dep trai" mean?

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  • Well, without the proper tones it doesn’t really mean anything, but I’m guessing you mean, “Anh đẹp trai”. If this is said to a man it basically means, “You are a handsome guy”. If you’re talking about someone else it’d mean, “he’s a handsome guy”.

    A breakdown of the terms:

    Anh = elder brother (also used generically to address slightly older men)

    đẹp = beautiful

    trai = don’t think this has a literal meaning, but when used with đẹp it implies “man”, so đẹp trai = “handsome man”. (FYI, đẹp gái is the female equivalent, meaning roughly “pretty girl”)

    Remember, when it comes to Vietnamese….tones tones TONES!

  • Depending on the context, it can mean :

    either: You are handsome

    or sometimes : A handsome guy, a handsome man

    When asking a question, you should give more information about the phrase such as who spoke and to whom, where and when it was spoken.

  • Handsome Guy Or you are handsome(Girl to guy)

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