Virtual Families 2 – How to I get them to not be Tired or Exhausted?

2 Answers

  • They have to rest (sleep). VF2 is set for real-time. So when it is day for you, it is day for the "little people" (as the game calls them). And when it is night for you, it is night for them. If you play the game mostly during the day, then they should not be getting exhausted so easily. However, if you are playing during the night, you are essentially forcing them to stay awake, which leads to exhaustion.

    You can set the game’s day/night cycle to be opposite, if you’re someone who mostly plays at night. That way, the little people will think it’s day even though where you live in real-life, it’s night. That’s what I had to do, since I work all day and can only play at night.

    To deal with their present exhaustion, send each one to bed before you leave the game. Actually leave the game, close it down (it still runs in the background) instead of letting it stay up like a screensaver. If the game is only minimized or is still showing on the monitor, then the little people’s sleep will be interrupted and they may get out of bed. When you’re actually playing and they start getting tired, send them to bed for a short nap.

    Also, if you can find energy drinks or vitamins in the store, buy and use them to cure tiredness. And make sure the little people aren’t sick, which can lead to exhaustion. Sickness has to be diagnosed and then cured (which is very expensive, unfortunately).

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