Was I rude to my acquaintance?

While I was shopping at a store there is one guy who I know that always asks me random questions or opinions about something, today he asked me if he could ask me a question about something, I told him that I don’t feel like answering any questions and that I need to get going just to get him off of my back.

4 Answers

  • Nope.  You answered his question that you didn’t feel like answering questions appropriately.  

    Maybe … just maybe … you could have apologized that you weren’t in the mood or had time that day, considering you have before, but because he was asking it of you, an apology wasn’t required.

  • i dont think so

  • No. Walking away would have been rude.

  • Telling someone that you don’t feel like talking or that you need to leave to go somewhere else isn’t rude. The way you say it or your body language while doing so might be rude. So it depends upon how you acted/spoke, not necessarily what you said.

    Also if you’ve allowed his behaviour, and just suffered in silence, for multiple times then suddenly changed your behaviour by cutting him off and exiting the situation, then he may have reacted in a put-out way. If you’re sensitive to his reaction to your being more assertive than usual is bothering you (presuming you were polite when leaving the situation) then it’s not that you were necessarily rude at all, just that you’re not used to stating your boundaries and applying assertiveness when someone tries to cross them.  

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