Was Muhammad really a prophet of God?

Do you agree with David Wood’s unbiased assessment of the claim? What say ye? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igM85oBZ9u0

14 Answers

  • I honestly don’t know…but comparing him with Jesus’ Muhammad does not have the quality’s of saintly caring and peaceful attributes..also he is absent of god miracles that Jesus displayed to multitude of crowds

  • Yes GOD send Muhammad as HIS last prophet to the world for all mankind of the last generation

  • Yes Muhammad was the last messenger of Allah

  • No Just a Peadofile who set up a cult after Hallucinating in a cave

    we all know allah the pagan god flew to the moon on a winged donkey

  • No. But he was a brilliant politician who syncretised all the local religions to create himself a following.

  • No, mo the bender was just a dirty paedo and goat [email protected]

  • Well I don´t believe in Satan, but if I were a Christian I would definitely support his theory…I think they just made it up, the Islamic ideology that is.

  • It’s very possible that people with limited knowledge misinterpreted UFOs to be Gods. Both came from the sky (heavens) and the Bible mentions machines that they called Flaming Chariots with smoke and noise

  • Wood’s video makes perfect sense to me. He never uses anything but islamic sources. Muslims are hoist by their own petard.

  • This is a matter of personal belief. I would not dream of demeaning Muhammad or those who follow him by denying the claim. Only Allah knows the truth.

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