Way to find/watch deleted youtube videos?

Actually… I can settle with just knowing the name of the vid.

I do know the vid IDs, since that’s most likely required.

They’re mainly vocaloid songs and other songs by nico nico douga singers.

I’ve heard of UnDeleTube, but I can’t find the rumored search box, basically, IDK how it works.

I don’t own the vids, they’re all stuff I found on youtube and kept on youtube. No trust me, I regret it. Should have downloaded them…

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  • That’s not rare specially over vocaloid videos due copyright. Besides, if the channel of an user got deleted. all the videos are deleted together, that’s why vocaloid videos are deleted many at the same time, because they were all uploaded from the same user.

    I can still see the name of some deleted videos from my favorite list on my YT account, some of them still show the name of the video when I clicked them. After that I just need to check if there’s still the same video uploaded from another user. But some videos are deleted and even the name get lost… There’s nothing to do about those ones…

    On the case of Vocaloid, all the videos deleted will still be on one place for sure. Nico Nico Douga.

    NND is the japanese YT. Almost all the vocaloid videos are uploaded there, and them people reprint the videos from NND to YT, but some composers doesn’t like that and the videos end up removed from YT.

    The only problem is the subbed and translated videos. If those ones are deleted from YT, the only hope is the user reupload them again, but depending of the reason of the deletion, that’s rather unlikely.

    That’s why I decided to download all the vocaloid subbed videos on YT before they got deleted. The non translated videos, I still can find on NND.

    Plz excuse my bad english.

  • Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • Take note there are a lot of videos being deleted right now as a resut of false copyight claims. The holder is pretending to own these songs and clam the user is in copyright infringdement. HOWEVER, even some Japanese P’s have been hit in their legit youtube channel, loosing their accoutns even though they did not infringe on any copyright.

  • Well, if it’s deleted, then you can’t watch it. However, if the video is “no longer available” or “removed”, sometimes youtube still has it up, it just won’t show you it. Sometimes, a simple tool like download helper pluggin for FF will let you download the flash video that youtube has blocked, but not really deleted YET.

  • Have you tried other video sites? Maybe they’re uploaded else where……

    Check through these:


  • um no way to watch deleted youtube vids sorry.

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