We had a power outage and our cable box won’t turn on. Is it possible the box got shorted?

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  • If the other suggestions don’t help and if your box won’t turn on no matter what you do, its power supply may have damaged by a voltage surge when the power came back on. The other answer that suggests such failures are rare is quite wrong; we see that problem (for that reason) very frequently in the Consumer Electronics – TV forum.

    The box will need to be replaced by the cable company. You can decide whether you want to tell them the circumstances under which it failed, since they may say it’s your fault for not using a surge protector.

    If, in fact, you weren’t using a surge protector, that’s a mistake. Modern TVs and their supporting devices should never be plugged directly into a wall outlet. You need a good, high-capacity surge protector. Get one in the electrical department of a home improvement center or hardware store. If you didn’t already have one, that’s most likely why your cable box is fried.

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  • What Laura said. It’s unusual for a power outage to damage equipment. At worst, a spike may have popped the fuse or built-in circuit breaker when power came back.

  • Yeah unplug it and then plug it back in, there shouldnt be a problem. If there is i would call up your cable provider (or whoever gave you the box) and ask them what to do. They might have to come out and give it a look, but just try to unplug it first.

  • Unplug the cable box for about one minute, then plug it back in. Then it will reboot.

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