Wealthy Black Americans man go to Brazil ?

I was speaking to a white Brazilian female who now resides in America and she told me that all the black guys date white women in Brazil, and all the brown females date white.  She said that in a matter of factly type of way.  As if Me as a black American man supposed to be excited to hear that ****. 

I was imagining in my mind of taking my hand and slapping her in the back of the neck as hard as I could. As why would a black American man get on a plane and fly alll the way to Brazil to date a white woman…

On second thought even so how would that even make racial financial sense anyways, when majority of the 50% of the population in Brazil is brown and in poverty while the other 50% of Brazil is white and middle class.

So be rich in America go to Brazil and become a mega millionaire and date a white Brazil woman in the 50% upper.

It’s like these white people even if they are not racist , it’s like they move racist by default.

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  • If what she meant was that people don’t use color to determine who they date, she may be right, although it hasn’t been very long since Brazil had segregated beaches. But it’s clearly not true that ALL black men date only white women or vice versa. I have been in Brazil, and I know quite a few people from there. 

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