Weird Default Gateway Address?

I’ve been trying to find out my default gateway address and I read that usually it’s something like, but when I try and find out mine (cmd>ipconfig /all is this right?) what I see is just a really weird address with multiple colons and letters like

fe80::21b::64ff etc.

Why is this so?

Oh okay! That was pretty silly lol. So my default gateway is my IPv4 address?

2 Answers

  • That’s no weird address… that’s an IPv6 IP address. Better get used to it, because you’re going to see a lot more of it in the coming years.

    I suspect that your screen is scrolling off and you are missing the IPv4 address.

    Try: ipconfig /all | more

    to page the screen…

  • are you sure that is it, because you get more then just the default gateway with ipconfig command and i recognize that from out put of that command but its not the default gateway

    are you sure your not looking at the link local IPv6 address?

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