Welcome Back! Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.?

Does anyone know how to contact customer care so I can reactivate my mailbox…Email,Phone,fax machine anything? I have been searching but couldn’t find anyway to get in contact with them every time I think I found something i’m taken back to the stupid help central page.

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  • Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.


    If so, let’s have some action!

    Just had the email from Yahoo about my underused account being deleted in 30 days. I went through the process to log in, reset my password – all OK. But – like the rest of you – I’m now stuck in a loop where it won’t show my email, but gives me the “Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care” message. And of course there is NO WAY to contact “customer care”, only the option to look through online answers to common problems.

    I’ll try the “delete account” trick that Geo and Gail suggest, but as it has two “thumbs down” I suspect it won’t work.

    After that, it’s goodbye Yahoo!

  • Customer care? What a joke.

    My prodigy email was suspended and I had no indication as to why. The screen said I could transfer my old prodigy folders and emails to a new yahoo account. So like a dumb-*** I clicked the transfer button. Now my prodigy email is still down and when I try to connect to the new account I get the exact error “Welcome Back! Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.”

    When I submitted a service request and specified an alternate email (one that actually works), the confirmation said it would contact me through the prodigy email. Guess what, my ******* email is down!!!!!!!!

  • I am also facing the same problem Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.

    Is there any solution?

  • No help in that answer, I see…anyone else know how to contact “customer care” to “continue reactivating” my account? I’m having the same problem and Yahoo seems determined to protect their customer care people at all costs from having to help anyone.

  • I do not have access to my Yahoo Mail inbox/outbox. I changed the password of my old yahoo account which I did not use for a very long time. I can successfully sign in with the new password but when i try to go to Yahoo mail, I get the error message: We’re unable to preview your mail. When I click “Go to Mail” i get the message: “Welcome Back! Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.”. And in the help topics list, my issue does not appear. I can sign in. My problem is, I can not reach my mails after signing in.

  • Before trying to reactivate an old account please take this

    in to account If you have not accessed this account in 90

    days Yahoo has deleted your account information and to

    reactivate your account at this time is like starting with

    a new account. If you have not accessed it in 12 months

    then your account has been closed and your I.D. has

    been recycled and can be used by anyone.


    All the information below is dependent on when you

    deleted it or the last time you accessed it.

    This link gives a good description….





    This link provides a means of Yahoo contacting

    YOU. If you fill out the form correctly and click on

    CREATE REQUEST the next page will create an

    incident report and advise

    “Customer Care agents will email you shortly”



    In order to expedite assistance, please be

    sure to describe your issue clearly for the

    Accounts agent in the “Detailed Description”

    field. The more concise and descriptive you

    are, the better chance you’ll have of getting

    a quick resolution.


    If the above link does not work….try this one


    Their are three columns…Once you get to the

    third column you will have options


    Most participants on this site are not aware that unless

    they choose a Best Answer no one will get credit for

    answering it….so…..Please

    once your question has been posted for at least 1 hour

    and has at least one good answer return to the Yahoo

    question/answer site. Click on your Avatar(photo) Your

    questions should be displayed. Click on this question

    and then click on AWARD BEST ANSWER below

    your chosen answer, give it a star rating….then click

    on SUBMIT.

    Many thanks from all of us out here.


  • I sent a message to the link a week ago! Got return message that they ran some repair program and found nothing wrong. I still get the same message and can’t view my mail ! What a Joke !!

    Bigger problem is that they also managed to takeover my corporate business account and I can’t access any of that info either. Can I sue them ?

  • Same problem here. I’m assuming that Yahoo no longer want people’s business and so are deliberately making it as hard as possible to keep your Yahoo account. Couldn’t care less apart from my Flickr account. Also their groups used to be excellent.

  • Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.

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