what 30/30-150 means??stone sour song??what are they talk about?

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  • As told by Slipknot & Stone Sour music video producer P. R. Brown, Corey told Brown at the end of the shooting of the video for 30.30-150 that the title meant his physical stature while in high school. A 30 inch waist, 30 inch pants leg length, and his weight: 150 Ib.

    Another interpretation of the song is based on the theory of the code 30/30-150. It means ‘total nuclear annihilation’.

    Another possibility is that on a protractor the 30 degree angle is the same as 150 degrees. Corey has stated in an issue of Hit Parader that "30/30-150" is about the generation in which he grew up. He stated that people always said his generation would never amount to anything, perhaps explaining the lyrics "they called us a dead generation" in the song.

  • 30 30 150

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    what 30/30-150 means??stone sour song??what are they talk about?

  • omg i have this song as my ring tone ! I love this song ! Its mainly about being angry about the past ! LIke when corey sings 30 30 150 remmembers 30 30 150 HATES !

  • Bull… All these are bull. It is a rifle round 30/30 rifle 150 grain bullet.

  • It is about Corey Taylor in High School getting made fun of because of his size (30/30 jeans and 150 pounds), and now he is telling everyone “look at me now”.

  • It may be a rifle round, but that has nothing to do with the song. The Corey stated himself that the title is a reference to his Jean size. However, I believe that the lyrics are intending a statement of you told us that we would never become anything important, we would never Excel in our life and that our generation was dead. Now look at what we’ve become, we’re on our way to the top of our success, we r not ******* around and we would love for you to come tell us that we are nothing again. We would retaliate, smash anybody who opposes us.

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