what action can i take or should i take with UPS?

last week i bought a very expensive hunting knife online and the company shipped it with UPS courier service to my home address, my flat……but on the day it was supposed to be delivered, UPS delivered my package to an access point to be collected instead of delivering it to my home address, my flat……i was really angry about this and i phoned UPS customer service and they promised me it would be delivered the following friday, friday just gone – but it never arrived, so i phoned UPS customer service again and they said a driver has to pick up my package from the access point, so it will be re-delivered to my home this monday coming up……..and i’m sick at being messed around and at THEIR error/mistake by delivering my package to an access point instead of my apartment?

plus, all the customer service staff are foreign, from the phillipines i think and i can’t hardly understand what they are saying to me?!!

i really feel angry at UPS for doing this to me, and not delivering my expensive package when it was supposed to be delivered……then giving me misinformation over the phone about when the package would be delivered.

what action should i take about all of this? is there anything i can do?

2 Answers

  • There isn’t anything you can do when you act like a whiny child.

  • You can settle down and be calm between now and Monday or you can remain upset between now and Monday.  Your choice between those two options has no impact on  how quickly your package gets there.  

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