What actually happened to Marilyn Manson’s eye?

JW what happened to his eye. Been bugging me for awhile.

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  • ummm. nothing. wtf gave you the idea something was wrong with it?

  • I understand your theory, but I have to respectfully disagree. I think Manson’s career was derailed by none other than Manson himself. The stirred up controversy is what he wanted, he had the world watching him and he couldn’t deliver an album that as worth anything. I think the fact that he couldn’t really match the great-ness and the success of Antichrist was a big factor…Also, the people that were instrumental in making some of his best albums are now all long gone, maybe Manson under estimated their importance? I honestly think that Manson started believing the people that were telling him that he was untouchable, and that was the end. As far as KMFDM go, they just made some silly decisions in the pursuit of more mainstream exposure. At least that is my theory. I don’t think they will ever be a band that recieves tons of recognition, and I think some of their нᴀʀᴅcoʀᴇ fans prefer it that way. I do blame the Columbine Massacre for making my high school years a living hell, though… It was so freaking hard to be a weird kid after that, especially in a small town. God forbid if you were weird and actually owned a trenchcoat (I wore mine one day when it was snowing and they confiscated it and I had to walk around in the snow wearing only a t-shirt)! A couple of friends I were under surveillance for a LONG time after that happened. I guess they thought we were going to pull some copy cat thing.. I thought it was pretty ridiculous that a lot of music that those kids weren’t even that into got blamed… It’s my understanding that they were more into Rammestein and the likes..

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    What actually happened to Marilyn Manson's eye?

    JW what happened to his eye. Been bugging me for awhile.

  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his eyes! I think you may be referring to the fact that he wears these scary white contacts.

    Heres a good example


    His left eye is his natural, regular, olive eye. On the right, he’s wearing a blue contact. The blue isn’t his real eye though.

    Source(s): Longtime Manson fan.
  • nothing’s wrong wit his eye 🙂

  • Nothing…its just a white contact, my mom wouldnt let me get them :{

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