What app can I use for white borders on instagram photos?

On Instagram I see a lot of pictures, but some people prefer their pictures as the actual shape, so they cover the rest up with white. Here’s an example if you don’t know what I’m saying:


I know of a few apps that does this, but I’m looking for one that can make the edges of the photo round or make the photo a circle (with a white border thing). I’ve found Squaready and Whiteagram, but I’m pretty sure you can’t make the photos round with these. For example:


Thanks in advance!

10 Answers

  • you should try fotor, you could customize the borders

    Try it at fotor.com online first,in Frame,it could choose borders you like and could also DIY your own Frames

    Corner Radius、Inner Thickness、Outer Thickness、Inner/Outer Color、 Caption Space、Shadow、Fade or just make a Transparent frame,all is you like

    Fotor has app for iphone/android/win8,and also for desktops(windows/MAC). Just get it FREE at fotor.com

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  • I would recommend using SquareIt (which is available on the Google Play Store) and it puts a white border around vertical and horizontal photos. If the photo is vertical, then it is still vertical after the border is applied and vice versa.

  • Squaready

  • I’m have an Android Tablet and I use Photo Squarer, its really quick, fast and easy to use:)

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  • I use photo squarer, its really simple to use and gives nice and simple white borders.

  • It's called afterlight

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