What are 10 advantages and disadvantages of gravity in basketball?

2 Answers

  • 10 advantages

    Slam dunk the ball

    The ball comes down into the net

    bouncing the ball the ball goes down to the floor

    the players stay on the court

    a player can do a rolling pass

    the pole stays on the floor

    player can do a lob pass

    player can lob ball into net

    come down again when jump into air

    weight of the ball is necessary

    10 disadvantages

    falling onto floor

    ball falls too quickly

    limit of height jump in slam dunk

    causes tiredness in jumping

    judging the parabolic flight of the ball is difficult

    get hurt when hit floor too fast after falling

    impossible to jump over opposing players

    the heavier the player the harder it is to play

    the ball has a weight due to gravity

    force on the feet takes its toll

  • Disadvantages Of Gravity

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