What are eight elements named after towns

What are eight elements named after towns


1. Berkelium(Berkeley, CA) 2. Dubnium(Dubna, Russia) 3. Darmstaditum (Darmstadt, Germany) 4. Erbium(Ytterby, Sweden) 5. Strontium(Strontian, Scotland) 6. Terbium(Ytterby, Sweden) 7. Yttebium(Ytterby, Sweden) 8. Yttrium(Ytterby, Sweden)

is it a purebred? it looks more like a red nose, but it doesn't have the red could it be a staffordshire bull terrior? unsure if that's the right name for it sorry

Ineed to know if my dog is a red nose or a blue nose pitbull- asap!

cock topography

the study of the surface of a large voluptuous cock.

look at that sorostitute right she's a cock topographer!

what classes are you taking this

cock topography!

Which phrase best defines topography?

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