What are hollow points? Are they better or worse than regular rounds? ?

3 Answers

  • the Police use one type of Bullet to stop a single Suspect

    the Military uses a Different type because if the Bullet Goes through 6 of the enemy they dont care the More one Bullet Damages the better

  • They’re rounds that expand when they hit targets, causing extra damage.

    As for better or worse, it depends what you’re shooting. If you’re trying to kill someone who’s not wearing body armor or if you’re hunting, hollow points are better. They can cause some serious damage to the target.

    If you’re shooting armored targets, they don’t do much. Regular rounds are better, and armor piercing rounds are the best.

  • Hollow points mushroom when they hit soft targets, causing a lot more tissue damage. 

    However on hard targets they do not penetrate as much. 

    Hollow points are generally banned for military use, due to their inhumane pattern of injury. 

    Conversely, they are encouraged for big game hunting for humane reasons.. lol. 

    Hollow points sometimes don’t penetrate to vital organs in big game, so you have Nosler rounds which have a hollow tip but a separate chamber in the rear of the bullet that stays intact so it will push the tip further in. 

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