What are lake turtles predators?

I want to now what eats turtles in lakes.

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  • Baby turtles have many predators, including fish such as bass and catfish, and birds such as herons and egrets. Large snapping turtles will eat baby turtles as well. And there are plenty of other animals such as raccoons and various other scavenging-type mammals. And don’t forget humans. Adults don’t have it as bad, but they still watch out for people and scavenging mammals. And all of the animals named by the previous answerers are correct except for beavers. Beavers are vegetarians and primarily eat the bark off of trees. They sure don’t eat turtles.

  • Mink and otters can take large turtles from a lake, or at least chew off all the important bits. Especially in the winter when northern species are hibernating, turtles can be quite susceptible to predation by otters. Hatchlings and other small turtles can be taken by herons, potentially by big fish (like a largemouth bass), as well as by birds of prey. Bald eagles have been known to predate adult musk turtles. And, of course, people. Humans can be devastating predators of freshwater turtles.

    Raccoons will eat turtles, but I would suggest that the likelihood of a raccoon catching a turtle in the water is fairly low. Most often, turtles are predated by raccoons while they are on land, especially females during nesting.

  • What Eats Turtles

  • Pretty much mammals like a ratcoon or beavers. Things that could grab them and chew on the crack them open. So pretty much anything smart like beavers and coons

    While they dont really have predators that primarly prefer to eat turtle, they do pose as tasty food to animals smart enugh to open them up like a clam and chow

  • Most turtles aren’t really threatened in water as they are on land. On land there are many things that can attack them, coyotes, hawks, humans, snakes, raccoons, skunks, and more.

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  • coyotes,possums,dogs,rats,raccoons and any night birds of prey.

    Sopme wide mouth Bass and most predatory fish..

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/721…

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