What are some good excuses for sneaking out at night?

Im sneaking out of my house around midnight and I need to have some good stories/excuses incase I get caught if you got any please post. thanks 🙂

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  • u can tell ur parents that u thought u saw a friend down on the street and that u wanted to talk 2 himher

    or simply throw somthin on the street and get down to get it and if u were able t sneak out without any ALARMS triggered ,u have done it

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    Well, if you're caught before you actually leave... somewhere in between... Don't use the window or awkward out ways... The more ordinary your exit... the more ordinary the excuses will be... keep it simple. That way you could say that you were just trying to get some fresh air, or you were looking for a snack/drink... etc... Same thing if you're caught on your way back... You went for a short walk cuz you needed some fresh air... Dunno... everybody needs some fresh air from time to time depressive or not which is likely to be understandable as well as a snack or a drink... Good luck!

  • you dropped a ring

    i didn't you dreamed it

    i thought you were out there

    my phone went off and i thought it was the fire alarm

    my friend called and needed me

    i was partying (said sarcastically so they think you weren't but you technically didn't lie)

    i had a religious experience

    you dropped some cash

    @No Need you either have daughter your trying to protect or you never got invited anywhere

    i ain't no b*stard through definition anyway 😉

    @the asker don't do anything stupid anyway

  • I'm not going to aide in your attempt to be defiant. I know you're young, but trust me; when no one knows where you are you're an easy kid nap target. Wouldn't want you to get hurt. So, to the bastards who are helping her, if anything happens, the blood will be on your hands!

  • you heard something outside and went to look, you saw a dog or cat, you couldnt sleep so you went out to get fresh air:P lol good luck! (:

  • dont jinx it 😛 im sure u dont want to get caught ... sleep walking, trying to catch d cat, wanted a drink

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