what are some good names for a new Sun Conure?

we’ve reserved him and we’re going to get him this Monday.

This is what a Sun Conure looks like:


They are generally loud birds, but very smart. I just want to start thinking of some names. We don’t know whether its a boy or a girl, you can’t find out their gender unless you get them DNA tested, which we’re not going to do. So either boy name girl name or both works, but preferably not human names such as “Sarah” “George” or “Jessie”. All sorts of suggestions are welcome! If I end up using one of your names I will give you best answer. Thanks in advance!

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  • Name for a male or female sun conure . . . I’d suggest ones that mean the colour yellow or orange:

    – Lime (this one’s cute)

    – Sunny (I’d choose this)

    – Goldie (sounds pretty!)

    – Sol (“The Sun” in Greek/Latin)

    – Jingga (“Orange” in Indonesian)

    – Kii (comes from the word “Yellow” in Japanese)

    – Ogon (“Rich Gold” in Japanese, and “Fire” in Russian)

    – Kuneen (comes from the word “Yellow” in Indonesian)

  • Sun Conure Names

  • I think another answer has stated it but that is a jenday conure or a sunday conure. they look very simmilar except the sun conure has more orange on his face and less green on his wings. Howa bout Skittles and this probabley dosn’t have to do with the bird but ive always loved the name Teiga for some reason. BTW http://z.about.com/d/birds/1/0/D/-/-/-/PC100011.JP… thats a sun conure

  • That’s a Jenday Conure in the pic ; P

    My Sun/Jenday hybrid is named Freyja, after the Norse goddess. My other Conure is named Loki, the Conures have a theme….

    Whatever you do, please don’t name it Sunny, haha. There are way too many Sun conures named Sunny or another variation of the word.

    What I do for pet names is go to babynames.com and search a meaning I want, like “Sun”, “Rainbow”, “bright”, “colorful”, etc, and one of the names will probably catch your eye!

  • Living in Fl. I’ve named most of my birds after fruits.

    My conures name was Mango. Enjoy.

  • I have the best name. In fact if I ever get an extra $500-$650 I plan on buying a conure myself.

    Tweek (that’s the name, enjoy)

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  • hahaha how original…how bout…SUNNY…when we got our conure we were told it was a sun conure but it was really a nanday conure but its name was bob…it could be bob as in bob marley or bob as in bobbie..the girl…

  • I have two suggestions – Deidara [day-DAR-rah] and Sasori. Sasori means scorpion, which I consider closely associated with the word “sun” due to the extreme presence of both in a majority of deserts. They’re only suggestions, however, and you may disregard them as you please! =)

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