What are some good nicknames for Victoria?

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  • toto

  • Nickname For Victoria

  • Tory, Vicky, Vixter

  • Coming from a person with full experience.






    Toria but it also comes with the downside of possible rhyming names like

    icky vicky

    hicky Vicky

    ect, but I like Vic the best. Plain simple. Sort. Sweet. I have always hated Tori because it seemed so Bratty to me

  • Toria, Vicky, Tori,

  • Vic, Vicky, Vicka, Vicki, Tory, Toria, Victoria’s Secret (trust me on this one lol), Victor (a really annoying one), V, Ria and Vikula (my mom calls me that).

    Hope this helped! (:

  • Vicky and Tori are the only nicknames for Victoria.

  • Tory or Vicky

  • Vick, Vicki, Tori, Cori, theres a few.

  • Tori

  • https://shorturl.im/mCr71

    well out of Victoria i’d say- Vic, Rory, Ria (ree-uh) or Oria (or-uh). out of Elizabeth- Eliza, Elsie, Effie, Lizzy, Liz, Liza, Izzy, Beth, Betha, Betty, Betsy, Bess, Etha, etc. i love the name Elizabeth do to the THOUSANDS of nicknames. lol

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