What are some good restaurants in South Los Angeles?

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  • It is technically West Athens (far south part of South LA), but Mom’s Bar-B-Q on Imperial Highway near Vermont Avenue is really good.  I used to go there every so often due to work.  However, as I am sure is no surprise to you, it is in a pretty bad part of town.  On my first day on the job, I saw a girl get arrested in the parking lot of my place of work and while driving home, I saw another guy get arrested on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard.  But hey, if you are in the area, you might as well make the most of it.  The rib tips are great.

    There’s a Belizean food place on Western and Adams that’s really good too, but I would not be in that area unless I absolutely had to.

    Bandadir Somali restaurant is closer to the Lennox/Inglewood area which isn’t so bad.  It’s definitely one of the more unique styles of food in the area.

  • South Los Angeles is a ghetto dump. You will only see soul food places there.

  • thats some type of pandemic reference correct?

  • go visit some and then you’ll know

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