What are some misconceptions you have against LeBron James?

1: When LeBron’s team wins, he is the G.O.A.T. When his team loses, its because he didn’t have any help!

2: When Paxon and Kerr hit those shot in the finals, its because Michael Jordan told them “they are gonna double me so get open”, its because he motivated them too. But when Ray Allen and Kyrie hit those shots, they are saving his legacy..

1 Answer

  • One big conception about LeBron is that he isn’t clutch or doesn’t have that “killer instinct”. Sure, early in his career, he didn’t always rise to a whole new level at crunch time, but now he is simply the greatest leader in basketball and his leadership is just as important as his physical presence.

    I think your points are both good. The first one isn’t LeBron specific, for example, when Brady wins he is GOAT but when he loses Belichick’s defense failed him. For the second one, I don’t blame LeBron for taking the smart play and living with the results. He’ll take the open shooter over trying to get through a wall of bodies and taking a low-percentage shot

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