What are Ten examples of US Domestic Policy?

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  • US Domestic Policy Issues

    Here are 35 ……

    Civil Rights





    Energy & Environment



    Fiscal Responsibility

    Foreign Policy

    Health Care

    Homeland Security




    Seniors & Social Security




    Urban Policy





    Urban Policy






    Child Advocacy

    Aftermath of Katrina




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  • Domestic Policy

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    What are Ten examples of US Domestic Policy?

  • Remember that China under Mao was a major player in the Cold War – and the hot wars in Korea and Viet Nam. Future relations depend on which model dominates – military or economic. The military conflict of the cold war may be a continuing theme. It is natural that a large country such as China would want a modern and appropriately large military. They still have an uneasy histroy with Russia, and the US still has a military presence in Japan and Formosa. At present their navy has no aircraft carriers and few submarines. In a sense, that stabilizes the region because they cannot be a threat. But from their point a view, they may want more leverage to protect their interests. On the economic front, they are a growing ecenomy and should be expected to dominate through the next few decades. After all, any industry built will be cutting edge with the latest technology. Japan had a similar advantage after the destruction of WWII. The booming economy will demand more global resources, that will bring them into competition with Japan and the US, it will drive up prices for raw materials, it will have a global impact. Global economic interests tend to “enmesh” nations. One country produces raw materials, another processes them, yet another makes the finished product. Economic interdependence presses nations toward cooperation and away from conflict. The next few years will be interesting either way.

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    I see none of you really answered the question. There should not be a cold war with China. It is counter productive to each countries interests and future. Albeit, in a new cold war the military industrial complex will benefit and the only real winners will be the politicians they fund and the owners. A bit of history of what Bush thinks and his statement that has China a little upset. —————————— Mao the mass murderer: Upwards of 60 million people died under Mao, this is widely regarded as accurate, even with the Chinese government. It is the reasons that are in dispute. The assumption in the west that Mao simply had people rounded up and shot is not accurate. Albeit, post revolution I am sure tens of thousands died in prisons and were shot as being enemies of the state. The carnage under any leader in China, regardless of who won, would have been massive bloodshed. In research I did after my first visit to China I found that most of those 60 million starved to death. The answers are two fold. We have recently learned in the west, that Truman threatened to use nuclear weapons if China didn’t stop its advance down the Korean peninsula and he also used that as leverage to end the war. Post Korean war Mao was afraid of the west and in exchange for much needed weapons technology he sent massive amounts of food to the Soviet Union. I reiterated that to my friend Xioping and she said that was only a small part of the reason. It was the result of the failure of collective farming. The farmers were no allowed to make a profit from their work and were given quotas with little incentive to hit those goals, so they let their fields go fallow and the local officials sent inaccurate reports back to Beijing stating they had met their crop quota. Simply put, there was no reason for the farmers to produce a bountiful harvest and they became complacent and lazy. Result, mass starvation. Those failed policies were reversed and the harvest went up. What about the bloodshed that went on during the cultural revolution? This was largely the result of lawless Cultural Revolutionary thugs taking the law into their own hands. Therefore, is Mao really the mass murder we’ve been all lead to believe? In one sense yes, after all it was his failed policies and selling of food to the Soviet Union that resulted in that. But did he do it like a Pol Pot, Hitler or Stalin? Apparently not, although the candy coated version from the east vs the carnage version from the west makes it all very suspect, I would rather err on the side of caution and say the truth lies somewhere in the middle. ————– More china answers can be found through my profile. Ones that will answer the original post in even more detail. Signed, an ex pat from the USA living in China for the last year. Peace .

  • Domestic Policy interns are typically matched with the analyst group working on an issue of particular importance and/or interest to them

    US Domestic Policy


    *Health care




    *Capital gains tax

    *Democratic controlled Congress

    *Human Rights Watch submits this memorandum in support of S1289-A/A10893, which would change the current law permitting prosecutors to introduce condoms as evidence of prostitution and prostitution-related offenses. Amendment of the existing law is essential to promoting both public health and human rights.

    *Child labor is usually portrayed as a problem in poor, distant countries. But hidden in America are hundreds of thousands of children who pick the fruits and vegetables that end up in our grocery stores.

    *Child Farmworkers’ Dangerous Lives-The United States is failing to protect hundreds of thousands of children engaged in often grueling and dangerous farmwork. Human Rights Watch called on Congress to amend federal law that permits children under age 18 to work for hire in agriculture at far younger ages, for far longer hours, and in far more hazardous conditions than in any other industry

    * Pass Law to Review Youth Sentences- it should enact a pending bill for review of life sentences without parole for juvenile offenders following today’s US Supreme Court decision.

    *The Young Are Different, Justices Rule

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