What are the advantages and disadvantages of using models to explain theories?

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  • Theories should hold up under general conditions or all conditions to which the theory applies.

    A model however, is just a special situation that allows you to test a theory. It’s easier to use models to test theories because you are limiting the number of variables, which is a great advantage.

    However, models don’t represent all possible real world cases, so further testing would have to be performed than just using models in order to prove a theory.

  • advantages: easier to understand what you mean, you can predict smth using a model

    still a model is a very much simplified theory, that’s why you can see only how it works on the whole, but not in details

    besides there is a trouble of very far analogy. Because some sides of your model may match a theory, others – not

  • merits

    Models helps in simplification of complex ideas this is by clarifying the structure of a complex phenomenon by reducing it to simpler and more familiar terms.

    Models allow us to ask questions-a good model help us interprete the representation observed through questions.

    Models lead us to new discoveries as they provide new ways to conceive of hypothetical ideas and relationships.Mortensia (1972) has claimed that any model even when studied casually should offer new insights.


    A model may lead to oversimplificatin.this is where a model because of its simplified nature may not contain all the details of the given phenomenon.

  • Yesufwork

  • advantages:makes it clearer easier to understand

    Disadvantage:if you mess up it makes it confusing and yes, does not apply to everything

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