what are the applications of DC GENERATORS AND MOTORS in our daily life?

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  • DC Generators:

    Car alternator

    Bicyle dynamo

    DC Motors:

    Fan inside the computer

    Printer carriage motor

    Toys – car, train, boat, etc…

    Car – Window, windshield wiper, fan, starter, etc….

  • Applications Of Dc Generators

  • DC Motors are in use to start you car and operate some robotic equipment, DC Generators are used for feed back to some control systems that operate electric motors and servo systems, some of the equipment is used to make items you use around the house, you may have a DC motor working the fan inside your computer,

  • Hybrid Cars – DC Generator

    Water Pumps – AC Motors

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    The original DC shunt motor with field coil and rotor is very rare to be used now. It spends more electric to power the field coil and has less torque compare the series DC motor that widely used on power tools. The modified type by replacing the field coil with permanent magnet and has only rotor coil is widely used most on toys,car wind shield motor, blower,50V hair dryer motor…. and small power application devices everywhere can be found now.

  • Applications of Separately Excited DC Generators

    They are generally used where the use of self-excited generators are unsatisfactory.

    Applications of Shunt Wound DC Generators

    1 For general lighting.

    2 To charge battery because they can be made to give constant output voltage.

    3 For excitation of Alternators.

    4 For small power supply.

    Applications of Series Wound DC Generators

    1 Used as Boosters

    2 For suuply to ARC lamps

    Applications of Compound Generators

    1 To supply DC welding machines

    2 To supply the power to offices, hotels etc.


  • Start your car, recharge your car battery

    Raise and lover your car window

    Kids toys.

    Vibrate your cell phone

    battery operated tool’s ( drills, vacuum cleaners)

    Photo copiers


    Fans for your laptop and computers

    cd & DVD players


    Personal vibrator

    list goes on and on

  • These things make the lives of men and women more comfortable. Helping people and giving them luxury while they go on living here on earth.

  • ………………. your cars use dc………………..

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