What are the best gifts for someone who is really into pool and plays in a league?

I picked my brother’s name for Christmas this year, meaning I buy for him. He has a pool table at his house and is now playing in a league. It is one of those extra long pool tables. What are some gifts I could buy him (under $100) that he might like? Thanks for your answers.

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  • It depends on what he already currently has. If he has a nice pool cue already there are several accessories you could get him for well under $100 that are definitely needed. If he is really into league play then he will need a tip tool. My favorite is the 6-1 Tip Master Tip Tool. It comes with everything he will need to keep his tip from “mushrooming.” (You can get this for around 20 bucks). He will also need to take care of his shaft. They get very sticky after a lot of play so he will need a shaft smoother and burnisher. My favorite for this is the Tiger shaft smoother. You can obtain one of those for under 10 bucks. He may also want a billiard glove or hand Talc bag which helps smooth the stroke out when it is humid. It is a great gift for pool players and all are fairly inexpensive. I purchase all my stuff from www.ozonebilliards.com

    The ozonebilliards site is also great if he does not have a nice cue because it even breaks it down by price. If you go to the pool cue by price section you will see it lists cues as low as 30 bucks (although I would not recommend buying a $30 dollar cue)

    Hope this helps!!

  • This is more like wwIII , I’m headin’ for the bomb shelter right now. I highly doubt that anything bad was meant by the special olympics reference. Being the uncle of a special olympics athlete myself, i know where loriann is coming from. As far as pool leagues go i don’t know and can’t say either way if they hurt or help anyone in the pool world. We don’t have an apa league around here, just a small independent league with maybe 4 or 5 hundred players, playing on bar boxes in most of the local bars. A lot of the players here don’t really care too much about winning or losing a pool match they just wanna go out once or twice a week and have a good time with their friends and they use the leauge as kind of a vehicle in which to do so. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s pretty much pool or bowling , take your pick. as long as their having fun then what the hell , ya know. I shoot in the league because it’s fun and there are some players that will give ya some serious competition and i just love competition in any form. I have no dellusions though about pool league being a high caliber form of pure pool or anything like that. I know what the real deal is and if I want a taste of that I have to travel a little bit but i know where to find it. I used to go there once in awhile when i was younger. I played everybody from road players to highly ranked pros to bar room hustlers and i’m not braggin’ but i gotta say i faired pretty well everytime. I didn’t win’m all but i got my fair share. And it wasn’t really the money it was more the competition and knowing that i could play with those guys and do pretty good that really did it for me. Anyway that was a long time ago and now i’m just a lowly little league player lookin’ for nothin’ but a good time and a little friendly competition. If that gets me a blindfold , a last request and a cigarette then so be it , LOL. I hear one of them missiles comin’ now so i’m headin’ for the shelter. Later people!

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  • If he is into pool, you will not find a cue he will use for under $100 bucks.. A lot of accessories that people have mentioned are good ideas, but if he has his own table at home, there is a good chance he has a lot of them. My roommates own a pool table, and they hardly play, but they own a tip shaper and shaft smoother. I have seen a cue holder that attaches to a bar table that can hold like 5 sticks.. They can be convenient during league play. The best gift I would recommend would be a pool ball set. You can get a pretty cool one for around $100 bucks, and it would be something that he would use and love.

  • I agree with most here I would not get him a pool cue, as design and weight of the cue is something he would want to pick out, and if he is on a league he is probably saving up for a cue more than 100 dollars anyways. I second the idea of a nice set of pool balls….or a nice chalk holder, the kind with a pen like thing attached to it so you can put it in your pocket for easy access. If he doesn’t have a pool book yet, he would love the Byrne’s New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards. Merry Christmas!

  • Just from experience as a pool enthusiast myself I would not recommend buying him a pool stick. The reason is everyone has their own preference on what stick they like and use. You can buy some good sticks under $100, but I don’t recommending buying him a stick just because it has cool designs (this will have to be something he picks out). I would recommend buying a:

    -Wall pool stick holder.

    -Set of balls that has the logo of his favorite team.

    -Nice pool case that he can take back if he doesn’t like it.

    Recommended 2 shaft 2-4 butts.

    -Pool gloves, pool clock, a ticket to see a pro-pool tournament.

    There are some that don’t cost much at all.

    -Trick Shot DVD’s

    *Whatever you do don’t buy him the cheapest pool stick and pool case that comes together in a package. It might be cheap and look like your getting a good deal, but it is cheap, and he most likely want even ever use have the stuff that is included.*

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    What are the best gifts for someone who is really into pool and plays in a league?

    I picked my brother’s name for Christmas this year, meaning I buy for him. He has a pool table at his house and is now playing in a league. It is one of those extra long pool tables. What are some gifts I could buy him (under $100) that he might like? Thanks for your answers.

  • Take it from a pool player, give him a card with cash in it, he’ll know what to do with it. Look at it as an investment. Oh yeah,he’s got a table at home, they got awesome sets of billiard balls now in that price range some are really cool he’d be impressed for sure. Go online or ebay, or your local billiard supply store, Hope you find the perfect gift.

  • I wouldn’t recommend a cue just because I think he might want to have some input on it. There are plenty of accessories to supply him with though. A cue case is definitely worth a purchase, but if he has his own cue, he probably already has one. Then there’s chalk holders, tip tools (I like the Cue Cube, Ultimate Tip Tool, or Willard Shaper), and cue holders so he can prop up his cue when he’s playing (the QClaw is good). You can find most of these at any retailer. There are various shaft maintenance products. Since he has his own table though, maybe get some table maintenance supplies like Quick Clean.

  • Instructional DVD’s. Not for trick shots though, that won’t make him a better player. When it comes to cues and accessories, he will want to get his own.

    Instruction will put him well ahead of the others since most league players think that just playing games makes you better. If you have any money left over, also get him a training cue ball.

    Bob Byrne’s series (Vol. 1, 2, and 5) from Mueller Recreational Products, or Mike Segal’s available from www.internationalpooltour.com.

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